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When a person has become addicted to drugs, the most proven way to achieve recovery is through some form of drug treatment. Drug addiction is a disease that changes portions of the brain, adversely affecting your ability to make rational decisions and causing physical withdrawal symptoms. Drug treatment may follow a number of different psychological strategies. It is mainly divided into outpatient and inpatient drug rehabilitation. The latter of these is highly recommended for anyone who’s battling a severe addiction.

Throughout inpatient drug detox in Portland, your sole goal is to safely progress through withdrawal symptoms to the point where you can continue with the remainder of your substance abuse recovery. One of the best aspects of attending a drug detox program in an inpatient facility is that you’re provided with around-the-clock care, which will help you to safely complete the detoxification process with minimal discomfort. When a person attempts to go through a natural detox, this means that they do so without any medical supervision.

The main problem with this approach is that the withdrawal symptoms that occur are typically very severe. These symptoms could require medical attention and may lead to long-term consequences if left untreated. If you change your mind in the middle of a withdrawal, it is easier to get access to drugs and not complete the detox if you are not in a secure facility.

Detox provided during inpatient drug rehab in Portland may utilize medications as a standard part of this portion of treatment. Certain medications are used for specific addictions. Medicated treatments provided during inpatient drug detox allow you to get through withdrawal in a way that minimizes the side effects. Depending on the drug you’re addicted to, this process can last anywhere from a day to a little over a week. Physical cravings can last one to two weeks beyond this point. If this process goes according to plan, you’ll soon be able to start the rest of your inpatient drug abuse treatment.

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Choosing the right substance abuse detox program

The key to selecting the right addiction treatment in Portland is to weigh all of your options and carefully consider how you would benefit from each choice. You need to choose a substance abuse detox program that can cover treatment for your specific addiction. Each drug calls for a different medication to be used during the detoxification process. While most inpatient detox programs are equipped to handle detox for the more common addictions, the exact drug you’re addicted to might not be a specialty of every local facility. We understand that this can make choosing a detox program a daunting decision. However, our addiction specialists can answer any question you have about the inpatient addiction treatment options available to you.

During the decision-making process, it’s important that you obtain answers to some very important questions that could be the difference between choosing one program for substance abuse in Portland over another. For instance, it’s essential that you ascertain the success rates for any detox program that you’re considering. You’ll also want to receive full details of the treatment you’re going to receive to make sure that you really want to go forward with it.

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Medications used during inpatient drug detox

There are a large variety of medications used during inpatient drug detox, some more effective than others. The most common of these include naltrexone, buprenorphine, and methadone. The medication that you’re provided with all depends on the type of drug you’re addicted to and the severity of your addiction. Buprenorphine is one of the most effective due to the mere fact that it doesn’t have addictive properties. This medication is designed to reduce the severity of the physical withdrawal symptoms that you experience.

Naltrexone interacts with the opioid receptors in the brain as a means of making them believe that the drug is still being taken. This allows the user to wean themselves off the drug without experiencing the brunt of the usual withdrawal symptoms. Lastly, methadone is commonly used during detoxification for people who are recovering from addictions to narcotic pain medications and heroin. This medication blocks some of the withdrawal symptoms while also attaching to the receptors that cause the user to get high. As such, taking the drug would yield no effect. This drastically lessens the chances of relapse for anyone going through addiction recovery. If you want to find the drug abuse program that fits your needs, call our Portland addiction specialists now at (866) 268-5311 so that we can aid you in this process.

Potential withdrawal symptoms

Withdrawal symptoms can vary in both duration and severity. The longer these symptoms are left untreated, the worse they will become. Each drug comes with its own unique withdrawal symptoms, though there are some that can be applied to almost all forms of withdrawal. When it comes to opiate and opioid withdrawal, the symptoms you experience can differ depending on when they occur in the withdrawal period. For instance, early symptoms include everything from agitation and anxiety to muscle aches, insomnia, and sweating.

The chance of relapse is high at the beginning of withdrawal, as the symptoms are at their most severe during this time. Once you get into the later stages of withdrawal, abdominal cramping, nausea, and diarrhea are just a few of the many symptoms that you could face. Symptoms will usually start around 10-12 hours after your last use of the drug.

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