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Dealing with addiction is one of the hardest and most stressful things you can experience in life. A substance use disorder is a disease that affects your brain and has damaging repercussions. This disease can leave you sick and stressed, but addiction treatment in Portland can help you recover.

Drugs at first make you feel good. They flood your brain with a pleasure-inducing neurotransmitter, dopamine. The experience is pleasant, so you seek it out again and again. This craving can become an addiction. Over time, the dopamine rush damages your ability to experience pleasure normally. It also affects other brain functions, such as memory and behavior control.

Finding the right Portland addiction treatment program is challenging but worth the effort. To find healing for your brain and body, call our addiction specialists today at (866) 268-5311.

Addiction and you

Substance abuse in Portland is a serious problem. Approximately 11.2% of the area’s population deals with a substance abuse disorder annually. If you are living with an addiction, you are not alone.

Methamphetamine, cocaine, prescription painkillers, heroin and alcohol are some of the most common substances responsible for addiction. This disease can happen to anyone, but people who start using drugs at a young age and those with a genetic predisposition are more likely to develop the disorder. So, too, are those who live in families or environments where drug use is common. Mental health disorders can also contribute to addiction.

If you think about using drugs often, you are unable to cut back on use or you worry about where your next fix will come from, you may be addicted. Other signs of addiction include choosing to purchase drugs instead of paying bills and engaging in illegal or unsafe behaviors to obtain drugs. You may notice that your relationships or performance at work or school suffer because of your drug use.

If you recognize these signs of addiction in yourself, call our addiction professionals today at (866) 268-5311 to discuss different options for Portland addiction recovery programs.

Detox: The first step toward recovery

If you do have a substance use disorder, addiction recovery will begin with drug detox. When you stop using certain drugs, your body will need to adjust to this change, and you might experience withdrawal symptoms such as emotional instability, insomnia or stomach troubles.

Although unpleasant, detoxification is generally safe. However, because complications can arise, it is best to be under the supervision of an experienced program for drug detox in Portland. Program staff can monitor your progress to ensure your body is coping well during this time of transition.

An inpatient drug rehab in Portland may also be able to administer prescription medications to help you through withdrawal. For example, in treating withdrawal from opioids, buprenorphine and methadone are both useful medications.

To learn more about how a drug or alcohol detox program is an essential part of any addiction recovery program, talk to our addiction specialists today at (866) 268-5311.

Healing your brain

Detox alone does not constitute treatment. Without proper follow-up, most people with a substance use disorder will return to their drug use. That’s why it is critical to be involved in a drug rehabilitation program that can guide you into the next stage of treatment.

Behavioral therapy will help retrain your brain to function in healthy ways. Counseling sessions, both individual and group, will confront your unhealthy behaviors and equip you to think, and therefore act, in new, positive ways. Therapy can be challenging, but it’s an essential part of getting well. Be honest and willing to change, and you’ll start to see progress.

Types of addiction treatment

Drug detox and therapy can be conducted on an outpatient or inpatient basis. You will want to take into account the severity of your addictions and the level of support you receive at home as you decide if inpatient substance abuse treatment is best for you. Our addiction specialists can help you weigh all your options.

With outpatient addiction treatment, you check in frequently with a rehab center but live at home. You may still be able to attend work or school. Especially at first, you will spend many hours a week receiving treatment, so you must be committed to the process. You may be asked to participate in both one-on-one counseling sessions and group therapies. Many programs allow you to check in with group members throughout the week to support one another’s recovery.

Drug and alcohol inpatient treatment in Portland also relies on regular therapy and counseling, but you live at the facility during the course of your treatment. This allows you to separate completely from your normal environment and put all of your focus on getting well. You will be surrounded day and night by a caring program staff and other residents who are also focused on recovery. You can stay in residential treatment for up to a year, or you can do a few weeks of inpatient drug abuse treatment before transitioning to an outpatient program.

Whichever method you choose, it is important to be prepared. Drug rehabilitation of any sort requires a commitment. You will have to invest time and effort in your recovery. Let the important people in your life know what you will be doing and ask for their support. Your addiction counselors may even ask family members to attend some therapy sessions with you so that you can resolve family issues that led to your drug use or occurred because of your addiction.

Of course, there are costs involved with drug treatment, but concerns over money shouldn’t hold you back from seeking help. Your insurance may cover some of the fees. There are also programs to help people afford treatment. When you call our addiction specialists, we can help you find the right programs for you or find out if your insurance will cover your inpatient substance abuse treatment.

Let’s find you the right addiction treatment program in Portland. Call our Portland addiction specialists today at (866) 268-5311 to start your journey to wellness.

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